A Warm Start

Please excuse the discombobulation, blogger is being a punk and I can't figure it out. Since this is our last day with Rhiya, I'd rather spend time with her than spend time on this, so....here is a backward story for you. Here are the girls at the late hour of 10pm last night. We stayed up later last night than we did on New Year's Eve. The girls were having a blast together.
Here is GraceAnne outside the train depot. At the mall in Dallas, there is a set-up every year to benefit the Ronald McDonald house at Children's. Allan loves trains, so we went to see. We all had a good time even though it was PACKED. At first I wondered why they had the AC on full blast, but I learned why pretty quickly.

Here are the girls at "Mt Rushmore." Rhiya was pretty excited about getting her picture taken in front of MR. She actually orchestrated the whole thing.

This year is starting off like our last 3 have--warm. January is so beautiful in Texas. I'm not sure what that's about...it gets cold for February, but I really do enjoy it. So we had some other kids over and we played outside all day long. Violet was having a grand old time playing in the dirt and managed to dig up one of the squirrel's pecans. I didn't realize she had it in her mouth until I grabbed the camera to snap a shot and she grinned so huge that I saw it in there.
If you can't tell, the above pictures and text are the ones that wouldn't copy/paste or work with me in anyway, so I hope you can deal with that. Hope you're having a great year so far! We love and miss you all...


Gayle said...

You are warm and I am freezing my butt off! And to top it off we just ran out of fuel. Homer is on his way to save the day, but it is getting chilly in here quick (we have -31 at the house!).

Party of Five said...

Oh my! I sure hope everything turned out okay and you guys are warm now!