The End of an Era

This morning I was bitten by a tiny bird for the 3rd and final time. Suffice it to say I was bitten in a not-so-fun area and nursing is no longer an activity that I will be participating in. This makes me really sad and I'm very disappointed. Yes, I'll blow the dust off of my big pump and still try to pump milk for Violet, (I did this for GraceAnne for 6 months), but it's not the same, it's annoying and it's a pain in the butt. Then again, at least it's not a pain in the "nibble!" UGH.

Pray I make it to 1 year with the pump. That was my goal to begin with for nursing, so hopefully I can do it and I'll never have to buy a can of formula.

blah blah blah.

P.S. A friend once told me that she was told that if the baby bites you, pull them in closer to you so that they can't breathe for a second and it scares them so they let go and don't bite again. If any of you have A) stubborn children like mine or B) crappy luck like mine DO NOT TRY THIS! I might not have lost blood or gotten teeth marks had I not tried this. *cry*

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Heather said...

I know everyone has an opinion about this and I know how it is hearing things from every one. With that said, I too had a stubborn nurser who drew blood and caused an infection in the open wound. But I was as determined as she was. Pumping didn't work for me. I could never get enough milk. So I finally called the breastfeeding coach and she had a wonderful suggestion that ended up being my saving grace! She told me to get the silicone nipple cover used for inverted nipples when I feed her. Not only would it protect my open wound from more germs, it could discourage her from biting. It worked for me, so it may be worth before you try the pump or formula. What ever you choose, I pray it goes well for you. Let me know how things go for you.