Welcome to our island paradise!

Welcome to our island paradise...where hula girls dance to a fun beat...

...and where this weekend, a sweet little surfboarder wished GraceAnne a happy birthday!

Where all is relaxed, but we also know life is all in the details.

Welcome to our corner of the beach.

tiki torches help set the mood.

palm trees sway in the breeze and sailboats go by lazily.

nothing is hurried here...take time and enjoy the smell of a luau pig and ripening pineapple.
In the distance you can see a volcanic island, millions of years old.
But here in the warm breeze is where you'll find a precious little island beauty who is the cause of all this celebration.
she enjoyed the slip n' slide with her friends
as the local wildlife looked on.she enjoyed pork, pineapples and there were rumors of sweet potatoes, but they never showed up.

Her mommy and her baby brother helped wish her a happy day.
and what's a birthday party without presents?Here's a real party animal!
mom and her hula-hunny!
Luau themed birthday decorations: $50
Luau food for 25: $75
Time to transform backyard into an island oasis: 3 days
Getting a letter from your sweet daughter expressing her gratitude: priceless!!
(It says: "Tanke you mom and Dad for mackeing my Birthday rilee Speshl Mom and Dad!")

What a perfect day! Love to you all!


Gayle said...

What a wonderful birthday party. You are so awesome!! Love all the smiles.

Glad I got you back. I was blocked from you blog until today. I thought maybe something evil happened after the long-haired hippie rant! LOL You've also disappeared from my facebook. I miss you there. :)

Hope you are having a wonderful summer. It's cold and rainy right now. I sure would love some heat

Mary said...

Yay, you're back!!! The party looked amazing and your kiddos so cute and sweet!!!

I'll be home this week recovering from madness of recent activities! We should catch up!! Love you!!