One Whole Month!

Tomorrow is Corbin's one month birthday. WOW! How does the time go by so fast? It seemed to drag on and on when GraceAnne was a baby...went faster when Violet was first born and now it's whizzing past me. I think maybe I should stop having kids so I can keep time at this already too-quick pace. To hear Allan tell it, though...it's not related to the kids you have, but the number of years you've been on this earth.
What a happy boy! LOL Both girls are completely in love with him. I'm so glad, because I was worried about how Violet would take the transition. She loves her baby brother and likes to rub his head, give him kisses and calls him "soft." If for no other reason, she loves having a baby around because it occupies mommy and that means mommy can't run after her to make her stop doing something. So far she's managed to pull a dresser and a door on top of herself. She also has become very efficient at getting any and everything off of the countertops. Except EEK! She doesn't even have to climb to do that anymore! We've bred some tall girls!

Poor Violet has a horrific ear infection in each ear. She never said a word to me till this weekend. Thankfully she started her antibiotics this morning, so she should at least be able to go to school on Thursday. I feel so bad for her :(

Yeah...I got the batteries for my Nikon and I've been shooting photos with it and I *still* suck, so I guess I'd better read that digital photography book Allan got me for Christmas.

She was so happy to hold him, so why does he look so miserable!? Hahaha I think GraceAnne would rather be home with her baby brother and sister than anywhere else in the whole world. She's a great helper--forever fetching me baby accoutrement and getting snacks for Violet. She's excited to start sharing a room and asks us almost daily when she gets to. Methinks that sentiment may end quickly when we actually put Vi in there!
Violet has been sleeping lots! We have to lock her up in her crib, and thankfully she hasn't had the thought of climbing out yet. I can't imagine anything will be safe when she starts sleeping in a big girl bed!

My son is so cute and looks *exactly* like his big sisters. Violet is finally starting to look a little different than Rhiya and GraceAnne, (though there's still no doubt she's a Doyle!), so we'll see if this similarity with Corbin stays.

And despite the pictures above where he's screaming, he really is a very happy little man. He sleeps well and eats great and is calm and quiet, mostly. Of course, that's how Violet started too, so we'll see how long it takes before he starts making his own way in this house of women. Complacency doesn't seem to last so long around here! For now, though, I'm soaking up every second of his peaceful and sweet nature and loving every tiny kiss I can plant on his tiny nose.
I took them to the Dr yesterday because they are sick, so I just happen to know that Corbin is now 12lb6oz. WOW! That's nearly a pound a week! Really, I can't help but be proud of myself. I must make some pretty awesome milk. teehee!
Hope you're all staying warm and having a wonderful week! We love and miss you :)


eirrann said...

I'm so happy for you guys!!!!!

Gayle said...

Looks like everyone is doing great. Glad to hear you so positive.