CHEESE! (or in Violet speak, "CHEE"!)

A new use for a Snuggie! The big girls got Snuggies for Christmas. GraceAnne used hers to turn Violet into a...

Padawan! So cute!

Are you ready for this next picture? Appox 1 week pregnant.
OMG, NOT! I would DIE! Totally kidding, of course. I just felt slightly good that morning, (as opposed to typically feeling like a huge cow), so I had Allan take a picture. Then I thought it would be funny to make you all lose your coffee on your computer screens. I'm cruel like that ;)

My 3 cheese-balls. I'll be so excited when Corbin joins that group!

We found a Power Wheel on clearance and got it for the girls. They LOVE it! Now if the freezing weather would GO AWAY, (hello? we live in TEXAS!!), they could play with it a little more. Right now it has tiny icicles on it.

Corbin in his sleep sack. I love that thing!! It keeps him so cozy and he can't kick it off!

This is as close to cheesin' as he gets. Yes, the picture quality sucks, but as soon as my new batteries come in I can start using my Nikon again and get some good pix for everyone. I'm tired of everything being blurry or too dark.
Hope you're all having a great week! We love and miss you!

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Gayle said...

The kids look great and so do you!