So grateful and so undeserving....

Happy Veteran's Day to my totally awesome husband! Yes, I'm a hair late, but I've been out of town and trying hard to kick this computer habit. For Veteran's Day we were in San Antonio because the physical therapists at BAMC suggested he apply for a Segway back in June. He did and he got accepted along with 35 other disabled veterans with mobility issues. They told us 2 weeks ago he was accepted and that they'd be paying for our travel, hotel and all food. We got to stay in the 100 year old Sheraton-Gunter hotel. Only 3 blocks from the riverwalk!
GraceAnne can never get enough of the ducks. You'd think they'd get old since we have 3 in our back yard, but nope. She loves them more than ever. Honestly, I think they're one of my favorite animals, too. We walked around the riverwalk on Tuesday while Allan did his training on the Segway. We saw lots of pretty stuff and took a riverboat ride.

here's the boat!
That evening Allan and I took the girls to the Children's Museum. It was awesome fun!

He's as big a kid as they are!!
They took us to Ruth's Chris steakhouse that night. We were nervous about having the kids there with us, and it was a little nerve wracking, but mostly it was awesome.

Not often I actually get makeup put on...maybe I should do it more often. Figured steak was worth a little effort. HAHA
Here's our fancy table.
Wednesday Allan actually got to keep his Segway and Violet loves the helmet. She thinks hats are awesome.
Allan on his Segway.

They had a ceremony to present all the Segways to the vets. It's so neat to see all the history in San Antonio.
Here is the famous part of the Alamo. COOL!
Allan accepting his Segway. This organization is called Segs 4 Vets and they're amazing people! The entire organization is non-profit right on up to its president...no one gets paid a dime--every penny donated goes to getting vets Segways.
This thing is going to be amazing for us. Allan had a SegVator installed on his truck so we can cart it around. He rode it to church and took back our movies on it yesterday. We can't wait to take it to the zoo or the mall or somewhere else we avoid because Allan's leg bothers him after a mile.
Like I said earlier, 35 vets were awarded this time around. In the last 3 years they've given more than 400 Segways away. The humility of these men blows me away and I'm humbled by them. I was glad to get to spend time with them and wish we could have thanked them each individually.


Emily said...

Branch is mad jealous about the Segway. Allen totally deserves it though!

Sybil said...

Oh my gosh, that is sooo cool! How wonderful. I wish I was close enough to take a ride on it ;)