Tricks & Treats

Slimy seeds
Drawing her face for mom to cut.

Violet drew SOMETHING, but I couldn't carve it.

GraceAnne was Thumbelina. She got to go to Boo Bowl with Girlscouts and then we went to the Harvest Festival at the old church and then we went Trick-or-Treating. What a fun day!

Violet was a SUPER CUTE cowgirl. She was very proud of her costume, too.

Here it is in it's full glory.

GraceAnne is an old pro, but Violet got this trick-or-treat thing down FAST. She was all about running up to a house, babbling and getting some candy!

Allan and I went as trailer trash. His tattoo says SNAKE. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Snake thinks he's a rock star.

Snake's wife doesn't know why pregnant women don't get to be Sexxy, too. We were so gross. Some people thought we might be serious and most people thought we were hippies. I dunno what's up with that, but we had a lot of fun saying crude stuff to each other in outrageous accents, so it was all good.
Hope you had a great Halloween!!


Anonymous said...

You are now , and have been residents of the South for how long now,, and you went as what??

eirrann said...

I am quite literally laughing out loud!

Snake was funny enough, but when I saw you *knocked up* after reading that you guys went as white trash - I nearly fell off my chair!

Gayle said...

Holy hell that is so funny. Glad ya'll we able to get out of the double-wide and score some free candy! :)

Party of Five said...

Yes, well, despite what some may say, trailer trash is about as rare here as it is in the north. And it's just as funny.