Only 7 weeks left!

Here is the first belly shot we've taken in a few weeks. I told you I'd put on makeup and do my hair for the occasion! I even managed to get a new shirt for the ordeal. Actually, I was all spiffed up because the church family I totally don't deserve threw us a baby shower today. It was SO WONDERFUL to have so many people gathered to celebrate our new son. I have felt so beyond Blessed during this pregnancy. I hope we give back just a tiny percentage of the joy they all give us.
Here was the adorable cake Livia made for us, after Allan cut the leg off. He apparently was not told it was not proper etiquette to cut into the cake before a picture had been taken. It was as delicious as it was cute!

I made Allan sit with me to open presents. I'm not great at being the sole center of attention, so it was great to have him there, too and to have the girls take some of the pressure off. They opened all the presents and throroughly inspected them. They approve. GraceAnne says our baby boy is going to be the cutest baby boy ever. I'm sure I will have to agree.

We got LOTS of super cute pj's for our little boy.

The girls had a blast jumping in the tissue paper!

Too funny...a friend got us a shirt that said, "save the earth." She said it was too big, but when she saw it she HAD to get it for me, because it was just so "me." Yeah...I'm a tree-hugger.

On Thursday I bought pumpkins, paint, glitter and googly eyes for the kids to paint pumpkins. They had a really good time. We need to start doing stuff like this again more often. I stopped while I was pregnant with Violet and never really got back into the swing of it and I felt pretty convicted a couple weeks ago because by the time GraceAnne was Violet's age she had a huge cache' of her own art supplies. Violet has gotten messy like this maybe 2x in her life. It was fun and not as big a hassle as I was afraid it will be, so hopefully that will be enough to get me back into being a more hands-on mom.

GraceAnne's pumpkin had 3 faces when she was all done and LOTS of glitter.
She really enjoyed painting, but she liked the glitter better.
I realize there isn't much detail, but I'm exhausted today. I think the baby must be going through a growth spurt because I took a nap from 8a-noon yesterday and still went to bed before 10. Today I'm worn out. But with good reason! God is so good to us and I'm so proud to be a part of this church. Hope all is well with all of you. We love and miss you!


mamamilkers said...

You look so great Tara! That shirt is adorable. I can't believe how tiny your belly is!

Gayle said...

I wish I were closer. I'd do lots of sitting so you could nap more. You are so tiny! I swear I was that big at four months! lol Take care.