Violet's First Day of School

Today was Miss Violet's first day of Children's Day Out. She was completely unsuspecting, but seemed to sense my and GraceAnne's excitement. She will go on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:15a-2:00pm. I'm hoping to keep up with the house and nap while she's gone.
Oh so cute in her first day outfit!

She got to enjoy a blueberry muffin for breakfast. And a sippy cup full of soymilk, and a half a strawberry yogurt and a bunch of my cereal...this child is an eater!

She thought this was hysterical. She has the most infectious laugh!
How she rode on the way to drop off GraceAnne. Since GraceAnne has to be to school at 7:30, we had quite a bit of time before Vi could go to school, so we stopped by the park on the way there.
She slid a few times and ran around a bit and then she got on the swing. Since it was EARLY and mommy is TIRED and didn't want her to get filthy, we left and STILL had to waste 20 minutes before we went to school.
Her asthma has been giving her all kinds of grief lately, so that's why she looks so tired. Poor baby! I hope she's having a great first day, she should be napping right about now.

She giggled and got REALLY excited when we walked up to the building. When we went to meet the teacher night last week she stayed in the room and played with all the baby dolls and other fun toys and all the BOYS! She is one of 2 girls in a class of 9. I told the teacher that she will run circles around those boys, though!

Poor picture quality, but this is what she was doing when I left. She was rocking it so furiously that it was moving all over the floor.

So what is Mommy doing with a day off? What is a day off!? I am preparing for my very first Wednesday night supper at the church. Stay tuned for a post about all of that. Then tonight Allan and I have our first hypnobirth class. I have the very distinct feeling I'm passing out as soon as I hit my pillow tonight and there will be LOTS of snuggle time for poor Miss Violet, who hates to be away from her momma.

What a big girl!


Mary said...

yay! so cute and I'm sure she had so much fun!! More updates, please! How'd the day go and how did the church supper go? love ya!

Gayle said...

Personally, I'd sleep if left all alone! :) Hope she enjoys the child care...it will be a nice break for you.