Learning as we go...

I think I posted before that I recently took on the responsibility of making dinner for the church on Wednesday nights. We feed about 35 kids and 10 adults before bible study. The first week we did a breakfast dinner--biscuits with sausage gravy, bacon, scrambled eggs and banana bread for dessert.
That's a lot of nanas! I made 4 loaves and used apple sauce instead of oil to make it "healthier" and used my duck eggs, (see the pic below) for the first time ever. The bread turned out fantastic and while we only used 2.5 loaves at the dinner, we had no problem getting rid of the rest. GraceAnne took a loaf to school for snack and said only one kid didn't like it and Allan took the rest to work. He said everyone there loved it to. What's great about using duck eggs in cooking is that they have a higher protein content and therefore make baked goods more "fluffy." The bad thing about them is they are incredibly tough to crack, (maybe we have super-healthy ducks resulting in a superior shell quality??) and must be WELL beaten before using.

Count em...4 pans loaded down with 3 lbs of bacon. I ended up cutting the strips in half and everyone got 3 half strips. We had just enough, (PRAISE GOD!), but next time I will make 4 or 5 lbs because everyone wanted more and there just wasn't enough for 2nds.

Here were the very first eggs we got from our girls. Since that day a few weeks ago we average 2-3 eggs daily and we've gotten about 3 dozen. I keep using them in my Wednesday meals. I'm going to have to start giving some away, too.

This week I made meatballs, (can you guess what we used as a binder?? HAHA!), with gravy over egg noodles. We served salad and bacon green beans with them. There were 105 meatballs!
And I'm growing ever larger at 26 weeks! Okay, we're a bit late in posting...I'll be 27 weeks on Tuesday, but take what you can get. This pregnancy is going so quickly I hardly remember to take pictures! We've had 2 sessions out of 5 of our hypnobirthing class and like it so far. I have some hurdles to overcome having to do with not being able to fully relax, (i.e. trust issues stemming from abuse), but our instructor is fabulous and since we're the only couple in the class she really takes time with us and is committed to helping us overcome our obstacles. Allan says he thinks this baby will be the one to bring calm to our household. That would be fabulous. I'm really trying hard to learn to calm down and not flip out. I told him before we even started this--if I can birth this baby without fear, (nevermind without pain!), I will be ecstatic and he will HAVE to get fixed because I'll be trying to have another one. I'm really looking forward to an awesome birth experience, (again!), despite my previous nervousness. I so look forward to being the mother of a son in addition to my beautifully precious little girls.
Hope ya'll are doing great. Big old Howdy from Texas...where it's FINALLY decided to cool off some and rain down on us. Here's hoping it sticks around! Love and miss you all :)


Gayle said...

I remember having so many ducks eggs that I couldn't use them all. I miss that! You look fabulous pregnant...another thing I miss! lol

Mary said...

Hooray for so much good! I've never had duck eggs. I would like to try them, however, I don't know when I'd get the opportunity! I like the sound of more protein too. I like that you posted the recipes you used. I will definitely be making some meat balls soon! How was the moisture level of them? (sometimes sausage balls turn out really dry..wonder if these are the same)
You're so cute prego! Looks like you're doing so good! What are the classes like?