If you build it, they will come...in flocks!

Remember MY ducks? Those 3 pretty little things?
Remember THEIR pond that we made for them out of a kiddie pool from WalMart?
Weeeeell, today the neighbor knocked on the door and said, "you only have THREE ducks, right?" ummm..yes. "are you sure?" So he leads me over to his yard to take a peek at the animals that came from MY yard just minutes before.

Can you see those itty bitty graceful things? They are called Whistling Ducks. They don't sound AT ALL like my ducks yelling "WAHNCK" but more like some exotic tropical species. But no...turns out they are native to *somewhere* around here...just not exactly *here.* They do fly...the dad flew away while we were chasing the babies back into my yard. He stood in the trees calling to them.
Mom, Dad and can you count them? TEN BABIES. They are adorable and can't be anymore than 2 days old. My guess is they came for the pond, but I have no idea where they've been for the last month and a half, (it would take at least 7 days to lay a clutch that size and then about 24-28 to incubate). We've not heard those calls.
They've been pacing my fence line for the last hour while I submit them to torture with my camera. Whiskers, Speckles and Sprinkles are NOT amused and have been very loud about thier discontent. Animal control should be here within an hour and they will trap them and take them to the lake to release them. Allan told me to just open the gate and let them wander away. I think he must know of my secret desire to keep them here with me. ALL THOSE BABIES! SO SWEET!


Emily said...

those are some cute and yet ugly looking ducks

Mary said...

I knew you'd want to keep them; when I first guessed "guest ducks" showed up!!! I've seen that kind of duck before. So funny...well, obviously they knew your spiritual gift was hospitality, that's why they're drawn to you!!! ;)

Gayle said...

They are quite beautiful birds. It would be kind of fun if they wanted to hang around, but that many ducks would surely destroy the yard.