Our baby boy in 3D!

Today I went to a sonography school in Dallas while my awesome friend, Amy, watched the girls. The students took turns practicing finding my liver, spleen, gall bladder and aorta for about 30 minutes first and then they took me to another room to do to 3d u/s. It was amazing! I had a lot of fun looking at my internal organs, too, but seeing baby Corbin was definitely the highlight.
Looks like he's throwing out a peace sign in that one. They had a hard time getting good shots because the placenta is in the way. As of this moment he is presenting breech. He has 10 weeks to move! I will start talking to him about that this evening.

This is just SO COOL to me!

Those chubby cheeks could only be baby Maynard-Doyle cheeks! He looks so like his sisters already! So much for having one that looks like me!
The sono tech said she thought he even LOOKS like a boy.

You can tell he DEFINITELY has the same dimple in his chin we all have. I wonder if he'll have the pretty little cheek dimples like his daddy and sisters, too!

Here's his LOOOONG Maynard foot and his leg and his "boy bits."
His due dates are different depending on which body part they measured. According to his head, he is due December 5th. (To which Allan said, "Well he gets his big HEAD from you!" Gee, thanks honey. LOL) According to his belly he's due December 8th and according to his leg he's due December 11th. He's estimated to be 1lb 12oz right now.
Seriously, it is so amazing to do things that make me really connect with this pregnancy. It's gone by so much faster than either of the girls did and it's hard to get a grasp of, "we're adding a family member in 3 months." It was so nice to be able to see him and dote on only him. After we had the sonogram we went downstairs and ate a caesar salad and chicken noodle soup. I was sad that Allan couldn't come with, (he was too), but SO glad I did it. I hope to bond and connect with him a little more before he makes his grand entrance!
Be on the lookout for a first day of school post about Vi next week. We met her teacher last night and she had a blast. She didn't even fuss when we left the room, so maybe this will be really good for her. I sure hope so! We love and miss you all! God Bless :)


Emily said...

soooo cute!!

Gayle said...

The current technology is so amazing, isn't it? I never got to have a 3D done...you are so lucky. I hope the last 3 months are smooth sailing.