Family Night!

Awww, my sweet babies love each other!

This post is mostly about the BEST Family Night EVER! We bought some coupons from SmartCircle a few months ago and specifically put them aside for when Rhiya would be here. We went to Amazing Jake's and truly had an amazing time! The coupon booklet was $30 and we got 4 free buffet meals, 4 free drinks and 4 free $5 game cards. All that would have cost us $60 if we had bought it without the certificate. Then we also got some Buy1Get1 coupons for add'l buffets, "attractions" and game cards. It was a GREAT deal!

Here's me being a cheeseball, cuz it's what I do best...

Here is my family excitedly waiting for dinner/games. The kids had no idea what we were going to do tonight. We picked Allan up from the VA after he was done working and drove up to Plano. It was about an hour and a half north with traffic, but well worth it. We got there just in time for all of us to be starving.

Here is my cheesy daughter. I have mentioned she takes after me, correct?

We enjoyed a lovely pizza, pasta, salad and soup buffet that was completed by a dessert buffet. Here is Rhiya showcasing the DELICIOUS chicken soup and acting a little like her step-mom!

Violet enjoyed the pizza, too, though she doesn't look like it in this picture. That girl ate TWO slices of spinach alfredo pizza. I was so happy, she hasn't eaten that much the last 2 days combined! Of course she got a cookie and some ice cream as a token of my gratitude that she ate like a piggy ;)

Here is my handsome hubby! He was being a cheeseball, too. We all had a really great time.

Go Karts!! This was the first thing they all did and they loved it! All the games/attractions were upstairs and the buffet was downstairs. This place was HUGE!

Violet found a love of Skee-Ball. And any other game we could play that had a ball to steal and run around with!

She almost made it all the way to the end of the "alley" this time!

GraceAnne was just a half-inch too short for bumper cars, but Allan and Rhiya sure enjoyed them! They looked unlike any bumper cars I've ever seen and I wish I had tried them, too. Maybe next time.

Blurry but there we are. GraceAnne yelled about that carousel from the time we walked in the door. Best dollar we spent all night. Except that I thought I might vomit from going round n round so fast! I've never been on a carousel that fast before.

Let me just say this old, pregnant lady kicked that youngin's BUTT at DDR! I freakin' rock. (Nevermind that I was playing beginner mode and she was in intermediate...details!)

GraceAnne and Rhiya raced together.

This was the last game they played before they discovered the "ticket" games. Then it was ALL over and mom and dad were chopped liver.

Allan and Rhiya climbed the rock wall. That was the one attraction I KNEW I was going to be adding on beforehand, because we can't go somewhere with a rock wall without Allan climbing it. They got to climb 2x each and Allan kicked her butt. Rhiya said she had the harder side, but I think she was embarrassed to be beat by a one-legged man after she got beat on DDR by an old pregnant lady. HEHEHEHE!

Allan has a great rapel. (I know I spelled that wrong...it's late!)

And Rhiya got to ding the bell, too!

GraceAnne had 561 tickets by the end of the night. She got to pick tons of stuff, (this place is SO much better than Chuck-E-Cheese! The prizes cost less and they were higher quality) and she kept saying, "Look at all my spoils!" I had to take a picture of the sweet thang with her spoils. On the way home I said, "say 'Arrrr, look at me booty' that's what a pirate would say!" She said, "NO WAY! I'm your sweet, pretty little girl." And so she is!
Rhiya and her spoils as well! She could NOT figure out that finger trap. It kept us entertained for quite a few minutes as she grunted and strained. She now knows the secret, so she will be able to trick the kids at church with it...maybe.
As we were going down the escalator to get in the car, Rhiya said, "can we get a cookie for the road?" I said sure, why not? After all, it was 9pm, they'd already had cookies, ice cream, soda, etc, so what's another cookie? Then GraceAnne was just way too happy and yelled, "Look at my spoils, Daddy, I have a COOKIE FOR THE ROAD, TOO!" They tickle me to no end.
We had a great time tonight and if you ever get to Dallas and want something to do I'd HIGHLY recommend Amazing Jake's :D Thanks for stopping by to look at the pictures; we love and miss you all!

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Gayle said...

I am so happy you had a relaxed and stress-free night with your family. You all deserve it! I hope you wake up tomorrow as happy as you went to bed.