19 weeks

*sings* Hold me close, you tiny jedi!!" With Violet around, no one should be worried about Jabba or his gang. She's REALLY good at the jedi mind tricks, too..."yes, I am cute and cuddly, come closer..." then BAM! She bit your ear off! No one suspects the evil intentions of this tiny jedi master. Like father, like daughter, eh? ;)
19 week belly. I don't know if it's happening sooner or later. It feels later. If I wear the right clothes no one can tell. Heck, even if they can they probably just think I'm getting fatter. We have a sonogram tomorrow to confirm this little bean is a boy. I'm VERY excited to see him again, even though I'm still really nervous about switching to a Dr. I hate Dr's and hospitals, so please, everyone pray for peace for me. I will surely need it! This is the first pregnancy Allan has missed any of the prenatal appts with. Welcome to the real world, eh? Can't we be retired students forever?!

Eating corn and the shot was mandatory cuz it's SO CUTE! She looks so much like her sister it's pathetic. I'll try to see if I can find the picture of GraceAnne eating corn at that same age to post.


Emily said...

ah cute belly!!

Gayle said...

Cute corn shot. Relax and enjoy the day.

Mary said...

tee hee! love the belly shot!! You definitely look prego and not "just gaining weight"!!!! Sorry I've been so out of touch lately, we've been so busy and gone, once I'm at home for more than 1 day at a time, I'll catch up with you!!! ;) love ya!