All Ablaze

I would like someone to please explain to me WHY I manage to lose EVERYTHING? These pictures were all taken on the crappy camera because I can't find my BACK-UP charger for my Nikon. Dangit. Please excuse the low quality.

Gayle, you inspired this post, so I hope you enjoy it!

Because Blogger is a big-fat beeyotch, excuse the bass-ackward-ness of this post. The first picture...that one WAY up top there?? Yeah, that is what this tree below is loaded down with. Last year's pecan crop was awful, but this year should be GREAT if the worms aren't competing with us big time!
That tree is SO weighed down! Allan has trimmed all 3 several times in the last 6 months, but 2 are still nearly touching the ground. The pecans are only half the size they'll be, too!

All those holly berries!! We finally tamed this bush and trained it to produce. It's so beautiful when the berries turn red, but they make me nervous with the kids.

The butterfly bush is coming back for a 2nd showing. We've been seeing lots of yellow swallow-tailed butterflies again lately. Must be migration. They are GORGEOUS!

Duckies...STILL not laying eggs. Punks.

My trumpet vine. I ADORE that vine when it's in bloom. It's probably as old as the tree, (I'm guessing about 100 years on both of them, given the age of the house), and climbs all the way to the tip-top. Honey-birds, (hummingbirds) love it, too. What I don't love about that vine is it sprouts tiny babies ALL OVER my yard. When we came back from San Antonio they were growing up the house in SEVERAL areas.

My beloved Crape Myrtles. When everything else seems dead, those trees make me happy!

This guy is a blooming champ this year! I don't usually have lillies this late in the season, but he keeps going and going and going!

of NINETY-SIX peat pots I have THREE of these left. It's been so stinkin' hot and even though they're shaded most of the day they are just withering like crazy. This is a spinach plant. I keep praying that it feeds someone someday.

Look how clear that water is!! If you've ever had ducks or spent any time around them, you know they can muck up a pond in no time! They are disgusting, really. This pump/filter set up Allan built me is working WONDERS since we figured out how to run it.

We realized that the lid needed to be off and there had to be plants in the top of the filter so that we can support algae. It works beautifully now and we only have to hose off the pre-filter once every couple weeks or so. Next season we'll probably change the whole thing up and make it into a more natural pond with a water fall to make the yard look like more than a duck coop. It's a pretty big eyesore right now.

And here's me with some of my loot. You can't see everything in the picture, but I actually walked out of CVS with 3.00 more than I walked in with. I love coupons!

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Gayle said...

I love your trees. Wish I had big old trees (with flowers!). How cool is a pecan tree? You are very lucky with your yard. I absolutely cannot believe your filter system. I've had ducks (a lot) and know how disgusting their messes are. Are you sure you have females? You know, male ducks would explain the lack of eggs. You are the Queen of Shopping. No kidding.