The day we moved. Again.

Today...today begins our traveling life without dad.  I would like to write about how we feel about that, but I am on my phone in a hotel, so I will be brief.

We are so weird.  These are my many gluten free grains that are strapped behind the truck.
Friggin Hurricane Blowhard of NNY 2013 made sure everything I loaded today was soaked and me too.  There may have been some sky cursing.

We needed to take the last load of trash to the dumpster and there was no room anywhere except on GraceAnne's lap.
Violet was having a sensory day...we are crammed in and the new car seat is her best friend and worst enemy.

But after some lunch and driving in the rain the littles passed out and GraceAnne settled in. And the rest of the ride was pretty quiet.  Next up, showers, costumes and trick-or-treat at a local-for-today mall.  Happy Halloween!


Mary said...

Always praying for you my friend. Your kiddos are such sweet warriors- just like their mom and dad!! New car seats, trash in their laps, things they won't remember in years to come; but a life like the one you've provided for them…they'll treasure this. Love you all.

Dawn Yoder said...

Wow, what a way to start your adventure! How exciting for you guys, really! As one who longs to road school, I envy you! Grace Anne may think that's weird lol. Praying for safe travels and wonderful memories!

Wendy Morgan said...

Life on the road, alone, with kids to boot; an adventure that you may be fearing, but memories that you will one day cherish ((Hugs)) :)

I wish you all the best and as always, I look forward to reading about your travels.