Three Forces

I have three forces propelling me forward right now.  Since they are working in unison, they are shoving against my natural inclination to relax and soak up every second of this last 16 days of being a whole family. 

The first is positive momentum.  This is the newest force in the mix.  This force came after my trip to the WOW Summit.  It's a fabulously happy momentum!  I'm contacting people I met and working out new relationships that are fun and will help out the blog.  I love this kind of force! 

The second force is time.  This is the force that cannot be helped.  Time rolls on, whether we are okay with it or not.  The weeks start off feeling like forever and before you know it, the weekend is here and hopeful and then Sunday at church reminds that last week is over...where did it go?  I'm not always sure.

The third force is pure "have to."  On one hand, this is good.  It gives our days purpose (though they still seem to slip by) On the other hand it makes the days too full for our regular routine and makes them go by at break-necking speed.  After a summer of rest, it seems the "have to" is a bit overwhelming.  Or maybe it's thinking about only having 16 more days as a whole family.  I'd venture to guess it's a combo of both. 

I have a milion thoughts swirling through my head and these three forces keeping me going, going, going...but I feel myself getting achy and tired.  I keep taking my doTerra On Guard beads (doubling up, actually) hoping to not get sick.  I *should* be getting enough sleep.  I think I might just be emotionally exhausted. 

This is when the guilt tends to settle in.  "You're not doing enough with the kids."  "You're not being intentional enough with your last 16 days."  "You're not keeping the cabin clean enough."  etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  ad nauseum.

So, I think it is time to breathe again.  To re-learn how to breathe in the chaos of getting ready.  I got a breath of fresh air in Philadelphia, but I can't keep running on that same breath.  It's time to remember my roots and talk to God about the guilt.  He doesn't condemn and He will refresh. 

Be on the look-out, I have LOTS of blog topics flying through my head.  I know they need to come out.  Soon!  ;)

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Mary said...

Yep! No one can give you rest like God does! :)
It's good to blog thoughts too.