Prepping for Launch

It would appear that it is time to stop lazing about for summer and begin prepping for our travels.  So far we have discussed things like:

  • What to do with Grandma's car while Allan is gone
  • Our first destination
  • Should we get a pop-up camper 
  • What kind of computer/mobile internet will we need
  • What type of curriculum to use while road-schooling (or should we research unschooling)
  • Staying healthy on the road, naturally
  • The logistics of 3 of the 4 of us being gluten intolerant and traveling
  • What does eating organically/locally look like on the road
  • What are some things we want the kids to experience
  • Who should we visit
  • Who to contact for sponsorships

This list goes on and on.  Honestly, we haven't really come up with many answers, only theories.  I suppose that is to be expected since this is our first time living on the road and since this has required serious paradigm shifts for everyone involved.

Such as?  Well, 1 year ago we "knew" these things about our life and family:

  • We lived in Kansas
  • We would adopt
  • Allan would be a prosthetist
  • We would farm
  • We were involved in church
  • GraceAnne was in public school
  • Corbin needed to be close to his surgeon
  • The kids and I didn't want to move again for a LONG, LONG time
As you can see, a few things have been flip-turned upside down.  We're here writing our way through it, documenting with pictures and hope you'll join us on this new phase in our life.  If you search the blog archives you'll see how far our little family has come.  I used to consider a lot of it failure, but now I just see it as learning, growing opportunities.  We have learned, we have grown and we will continue to do so.  Our family is your resident expert on "going with the flow."  

Check out the tabs above and introduce yourself below in the comments section.  We look forward to getting to know you!

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