Keeping Healthy on the Road

This post is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any ailment.  I have done loads of research, but I am not a medical doctor, and my opinion is just that: opinion.  Please do your own research and consult a physician before taking your family's health and well-being into your own hands.

Since we left our home in Kansas, we have considered ourselves "on the road." For all intents and purposes, we remain Kansas state residents.  (I will discuss that in a later post.)  While there are many  benefits and reasons for us keeping our residency in KS, one of the downfalls is that we are not near our PCMs (Primary Care Managers).  I don't want to cause undue worry, so know that we can seek out care when we need it and that we are taking the kids back frequently for visits.  

Nevertheless, our focus is on staying as healthy as possible for the duration of our travels.  This has been an extensive area of conversation and intentionality, so I thought it good to share what tactics we are employing to stay in as good a physical condition as possible so we can enjoy life on the road to the fullest.

First, we take a close look at our diet and figure out where we can add things that will help our bodies perform optimally. 
In this photo are some of our favorite "add-ins."  Coconut oil, cinnamon, raw local honey and garlic are all great ingredients to boost immunity.  Between them, they have components that are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and have tons of other benefits.  These ingredients are also delicious and easy to add to your diet through recipes you already love. (though eating them raw increases their absorption and effectiveness in the GI tract) We buy organic fruits and veggies to keep as many chemicals as possible out of our bodies and we only eat local, pasture-raised meats and drink raw milk. If I cannot find these things locally, we opt for other alternatives.  

Next, we supplement with things that we don't necessarily get enough of in our every-day diets.
I love my "lady herb tinctures" from Meadow Mountain Herbs.  They have regulated my cycles and hormones which has been a huge help to me!  I was having some problems earlier this year that could have become pretty serious, but these tinctures have helped me feel great and keep the baddies at bay. 

We also utilize DoTERRA's essential oils to keep us healthy and to help with symptoms when we have issues.  I love this brand because they are certified pure and are okay for ingestion.  Most EOs are not okay for ingesting, so do your research!  This morning I dabbed some peppermint oil on my neck and drank a couple drops of the OnGuard blend for this stinky headcold/hay fever I have going on.  (yes, I recognize the irony of writing a post on keeping healthy while I feel crummy. haha) Violet and Corbin are wearing Lemon oil on some warts and Violet has lavender oil on her arm to help her recover from her bee sting.  

I am hoping to add to these supplements a fermented cod liver oil and high-vitamin butter oil to keep our teeth healthy and strong.

In spite of all this, there are times we need to understand how to treat and dress wounds.  Earlier I referenced Violet getting stung by a bee.  It was her first sting and she had a moderately severe reaction. For situations like this, that are serious but not life threatening, a great medicine chest/first aid kit and working knowledge of wound treatment/dressing are essential.  
We keep children's Benadryl, Tylenol and Advil on hand.  We also stock creams and ointments (organic where possible) and have a homemade first-aid kit on hand.  I actually have a kit in every vehicle and in our home.  We keep our medicines locked up in a fishing tackle box.  I can't take credit for these ideas, they were actually required for us to be licensed as a foster home and we liked the ideas, so we keep up with them.  

I also feel it's essential to keep abreast on first-aid practices (we are licensed in that, too.  I highly suggest you also get certified.  You never know when you will use the info you learn) and I am fairly certain I would fit in as a surgeon if I had the desire to go to school or work outside of home.  I only mean that I'm good at  cleaning and dressing wounds and take a lot of pride in it.

Finally, and probably most importantly, we make sure everyone is drinking a lot of fresh, pure water.  Water flushes toxins out of the system and keeps your cells hydrated to do their job. Our bodies were designed to heal.  In fact, if you are alive and reading this, your body is healing and regenerating on some level right this minute.  Pretty amazing, huh!?

I would be remiss to also not mention that is is absolutely essential for us to know our limits.  If you do not take the time to recognize when something is over your pay-grade, the effects could be devastating.  Had Violet developed hives or had trouble breathing after being stung, or had the red streaks continued past her elbow, we would have needed to seek emergency treatment right away, as the situation could have been fatal at that point.  If a bone is sticking out of the side of your leg, no amount of essential oil, wound dressing or dietary additions are going to get you better until the bones are set.  So please, set out to know your limits and stick to them.  Use natural cures or helps when possible, but don't worship at the altar of healthy living, rebuking all professional help.  There is a reason some people are gifted at healing.  ;) 

There you have it! Our family's guide to staying healthy as naturally as possible while traveling.

Do you have questions?  Suggestions?  Be sure to leave a message and let us know! 

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