A Quick Trip

Today is a restful, yet busy day.  Allan has been taking a course that keeps him gone all day, so it's been up to me to prepare.  This is difficult only because I am not preparing for *me* to drive, I'm preparing for him, so I'm not sure what to do.  Typically, he likes to drive at night when the kids sleep, roads are less crowded and the temperatures are cooler.  He also likes to make "straight-through" drives, where I prefer to not go insane in a car. 

There really isn't much choice but to do it his way for this trip, anyway.  We need to be in Kansas to see Corbin's surgeon and get the kids' well-visits done.  We don't want to take too many vacation days so that we can enjoy some time with Allan before deployment. 

Preparations so far consist of deciding to take the Suburban, (more comfy and we need to take the bikes back to storage) mapping out a route, calculating gas costs and making lists.  and more lists.

Like what we're doing with our precious few hours in Kansas, the items we need to pick up while we're there, (organic staples cost a lot more here, we will pick them up at Costco while we're in the midwest) what snacks and activities to pack for the kids, etc.

Does your family make quick trips like these?  What are your favorite ways to deal with long trips in the car with kids that need to happen quickly?   Do you prefer to drive straight-through or make the road trip the adventure? 

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Mona said...

We recently moved from PA to FL. Then we had to make a trip back to PA for a couple reasons. Because of hubby's work schedule, we left Fri am, drove 1/2 way (about 10hrs + stops), drove the 2nd half on Sat, and then the return trip was Tues & Wed. It was crazy!! The kids did great though and we made a lot stops so that no one was too crazy from being stuck in the car too long. We talked about driving straight through, but decided that it would just make us all tired and cranky! I can see the perks though and it would avoid the cost of a hotel. I wish you could actually sleep at rest stops (I know it used to be legal).