Our Other Efforts

In other fundraising efforts...this Sunday marks our first booth. Our church is having a community-wide Easter egg hunt. We'll have up for donation only some amazing bows that 3 fabulous mommas helped me make and some "paint your own" flower pots for Easter baskets. Here is GraceAnne modeling some of our bows. The booth will be by donation only, so this is all God. We're praying He lays it on people's hearts to give generously, but if someone can't afford to put any money in the bucket, we will not tell them they can't have a bow or a pot. I can't wait to see how this turns out! And there is an "example" pot that I painted real fast. It contains a baggie of potting soil, a packet of seeds and paints/paintbrush. They'll be the perfect gift for grandma on Easter or to put in the kids' Easter baskets. I picked seeds of flowers that won't get massive, so they won't outgrow their containers. I'm so excited to see what God does with all this. I know He WILL provide for Pastor Jeff and Allan to go to Haiti. Furthermore, I know He WILL provide for Allan to start up his non-profit. More about that in another fundraising post :) Thank you EVERYONE who has reposted my links. I'm very grateful for friends who will help spread the word of our efforts and grateful to God who will provide the people who are interested in helping get these children the message of Christ's love!

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