Kicking it off!

This is it, the time has come! Allan and Jeff will be going to Haiti with a group called Christians United for Haiti in June. It's run by a man named Calherbe who was actually born and raised in Haiti. He now lives in Virginia and takes groups down for relief missions. The trip was spawned by a conversation with our home group. Our pastor, Jeff, knows a man who is closely associated with this group and was considering going in March. Jeff prayed and felt led to go with and brought it up to the group, not knowing that Allan was feeling called to something himself. We raised Allan's deposit from some close family members and he was set to go at the end of March, but the trip got post-poned due to an illness in the organizer's family. The trip is now scheduled for June 24-July 2.

We need more help, though! Allan still needs a minimum of $900 more and Jeff needs the full $1500. We know God will provide through our friends and loved ones and possibly even through people we don't know!

So how will your donation help? Haiti's infrastructure is non-existant. There is no government to administer aid as we would see here, (and yet still fails when disaster strikes many times!) and the native people were very poor to begin with. Many children were left parentless after the quake and many parents can't afford to care for their children since the quake. People are still living in tents on the streets and clean drinking water is scarse. Because resources are so limited, there is not even wood to burn to cook a meal or boil water to sanitize it. Allan and Jeff and the rest of the crew will help in a Haitian orphanage, bringing food, clothes and supplies to the children and workers who live/learn there. Find pictures HERE of the last trip CUH organized to the orphanage in Haiti.

Allan and Jeff will bring the love of Jesus Christ to these children by meeting their basic needs and doing repairs to the buildings they are housed and schooled in. They will also take a team on the streets at night to bring hope to those living in the tents. What we need even more than money is prayer. Please soak this trip in your prayers, that God will Bless the travel, the orphans and these men who are going. Please pray for safety and for God's hand to be evident to all. Thank you so much for all you do for us!

PS-we will be having other fundraising events throughout the next couple of months, so I will be updating the ticker above as donations come in from my website and from those events. Any additional funds raised will mean more kids will be given food, clothing, shelter, medical supplies and clean water.

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I love my crazy beautiful life said...

I'll be definitely praying not only for the guys going but for the people of Haiti to receive the blessings of Christ. Me and Mckenzie are going to India in August so we are raising prayer and financial support as well...