It's here! My very favorite month. The fall garden is in the ground, the weather has cooled and I get to make harvest treats. The wheels are spinning wildly trying to figure what the kids will be for Halloween. The holidays are around the corner and in some ways life speeds up until the end of the year and in other ways it slows down.

Though this month is so happy, I need to ask our loved ones for some prayers. Poor Corbin is having some issues.

See that eye? He and I had some head cold/allergy stuff going on last week and his tear duct clogged up again. The pediatrician and the opthamologist agreed that it's not going to fix itself, like most kids, so he needs the plastic surgery done. They put him on another heavy-duty antibiotic and put a referral into the surgeon. When the surgeon's scheduler called they orginally told us to come in Monday, (tomorrow) but then they asked me if Corbin had any breathing issues...

So I had to tell them about the RSV and the allergies causing asthma symptoms and the breathing treatments and the whooping cough and the apnea spells. At which point they said, "sorry, we can't do the surgery." Recall I mentioned that we had a sleep study scheduled? (Or maybe I didn't...I was eyeball deep in mourning a baby at that time, so maybe I spaced it) At any rate, Corbin is going to Children's the 18th of this month for a sleep study because he stops breathing for 10-15 second increments in the night. We want them to remove his adenoids, but at his age they won't until they are sure the apnea is not a brain-stem issue.
So the way we're praying this works out is like this:
18th they monitor Corbin and actually SEE the apnea spells and determine it is obstructive and refer him to the ENT for an adenoid removal.
the following week have his adenoids removed
the week after that have the eye surgery.
We'd appreciate prayers along the same vein. All of this has been such a burden on our hearts since the little guy was 6 weeks old, so it would be absolutely amazing to have this lifted off of this household.

We are SO blessed despite all this, though, because as you can see, he is just the happiest little guy! He is completely and totally attached to mine and Allan's hips, but he is a joy to be sure.
Here is another joy:
She was more than a little irritated with me for taking this picture, LOL! She told me, "I DUN WAN PEC-TOOR, MOMMY!" But she is my big girl and I'm so proud of her :)

And there is my other big girl and her daddy working on the treehouse this weekend. Since the weather is totally worth being in, we've been trying to soak up every minute of daylight between gardening, swinging on the porch swing or working on the treehouse.

I mentioned those harvest treats...I've been having a blast baking this last week.
I made hot-cross buns from scratch and they were DEVOURED. I also made "the best, big, fat, chewy chocolate chip cookies" from allrecipes.com. We've been using the recipe for years and the name is TOO TRUE. There was chicken n' dumplin's, rump roast and veggies, pasta carbonara, from-scratch chicken noodle soup and something I've never made before but was so proud of:

homemade chicken pot pies with from-scratch gravy. MMMMMMMMM. Everyone in the house must love harvest treats as much as I do, because even GraceAnne has eaten most nights this week without complaint. That is rare. Corbin has been devouring his dinners and Violet hums with every bite.
I so LOVE this month! I pray you're enjoying your October, too :)


Emily said...

Poor guy! He will definitely be in our prayers!

Gayle said...

You sure have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen! How fun!

Hope all of Corbin's issues are worked out soon.