Day 7: In awe

Find the rules to the Flats & Handwashing Challenge I'm participating in HERE.

Today...how can I even begin to describe today?  God's grace is so evident to me through this week.  I think that sounds crazy, but it's true.  This morning Hubbs and I were standing side by side in front of the sink, me washing the dishes (with water from the coffee pot, read why in yesterday's post) him rinsing them and putting them on the towel to dry.  We had been talking, but fell silent for a few minutes and I noticed a peace that I feel more and more frequently this week.  I paused with my hands in the soapy water and reflected and said to Hubbs, "No wonder families aren't close anymore..."  The statement hung in the air a moment and then he asked why.  I said, "I dunno...there's just *something* about this."  And he said he had been thinking the exact same thing. 
Not here for any reason except that it was a part of how God blessed us today and is precious and should be shared!
What does that MEAN?  I'm not sure.  I know I have to keep up the challenge until the pipes are fixed because there's no hot water to the washing machine.  That means at a minimum until Tuesday evening and I'm considering even continuing a load of handwashed diapers every few days after that.  I absolutely adore my flats and we will definitely be bringing those into our rotation.  In fact, I will even let go of some of the other dipes we have that I'm not *in love* with since I have so many other options now!

I also found the best drying spot for my wool.  It dried in 24 hours!  My son wore his blue soaker this afternoon!  For the record, it was in the hallway where our return vent is for the air conditioner.  I think it must have been the constant motion of the air being sucked into the attic and then being blown down.  If you want your stuff to dry faster, try putting it in the room with the return vent.  I was stoked! 
I <3 Texas!
Super boo, though, the nursery worker was sick today and there was a sub.  When Little Man was wet, she changed him into a sposie.  As soon as I saw it I ran to the bathroom and changed him back into a flat and cover.  I pray that doesn't disqualify me.  I did leave her the diapering materials!!

I don't have a whole lot else to say today.  Truthfully, I am speechless. (which if you have read this blog much you can see is not a typical condition I suffer from!)  I have found some amazing friends through this challenge and it has been fabulous to feel like a part of a bigger community.  God has blessed me and my family through this over and over and I'm so very grateful for it.  We've been eating a lot of humble pie lately and sometimes being alone can make it go sour in your stomach.  But then to have all of you fabulous people reading my blog and loving it just makes it very evident to me that the sour taste is just my pride and when I set it aside the purpose of the pain becomes clear. 

I'm sad that the challenge is over tomorrow.  I'm so glad for the things it has taught me-much more than just another diapering option-that people have enormous good in them, that I have a place in writing and in a ministry for young mothers, that I *can* be sure that my family is cared for, even in less than stellar circumstances.  So much of the feeling of helplessness has dissipated because of a simple, flat piece of fabric. 


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Monica said...

beautifully written! thank you for sharing!