They're growing so FAST!

I realize it's a sickness...for weeks on end my blogposts are long and nothing but text. Then I show up randomly and post a bazillion pictures. This is bazillion pictures day. I got nothing else. Things are kinda calm right now cuz I just got slammed into the shore and I'm re-establishing who this new person/family are. So in the meantime, here are lots of pix of my doll-babies (well, 3 out of 4! The 4th will be here Apr 1-10. YAAAAAAAY!!!!) They are all getting big WAY TOO FAST! GraceAnne is taller than an Emperor Penguin!
They're big enough to ride elephants!

Look, over half Daddy's size!

Drinking his own milk.

All that growing really wears them out sometimes!

Gah!! There's not a HINT of baby left in her face...she's a full-blown child!
a darling young lady, at that! But not missing any teeth yet, which has started to worry me...I didn't lose any teeth on my own till I was in 3rd grade, but had to have 2 removed in 1st because the big teeth were growing in behind and the little ones weren't the slightest bit wiggly. I need to make her an appt, soon!

He tried *so* hard to put on his own shoe. It was ADORABLE!

Look at the scrunched up nose...she was sniffing dad's St Patrick's Day muffins as well as she could. I could hear her two rooms away. HA!



Thick as thieves, I tell ya, and into more stuff than you would even know what to do with. I am one tired momma! They are such buds that when I was taking these pictures and grumbling about having to clean them up for the THIRD time today, GraceAnne got dust all over her hands and came over so she could be a part of the picture, too. At that point I was just irritated she got filthy when I was mad that the other 2 were filthy, so I didn't take the picture. Now I wish I had. Poor girl. I am not promised another baby scrubbing, so I had better enjoy them when they come. Lord help me remember that IN the moment and not several hours later when it's too late to laugh and include her and throw them all in a bubbly tub. Amen.


Emily said...

I just can't believe how BIG they are! How did that happen?

Sybil said...

I know E is growing faster than Iris did, so if holds true with each subsequent child, then Corbin must be changing at the speed of light!

GraceAnne and Iris have similar freckles on their faces. Love that!

Iris has yet to lose a tooth. When did GraceAnne get them? Our dentist keeps saying the girls will lose them late because they got them late. Iris was just over a year when she got her first tooth!

Gayle said...

I love all the photos!! Keep 'em comin'!! Thrown to the shores? What's goin' on girl?

Mary said...

You are amazing with words and your children and I love you! :)

Amy said...

Tyler has 2 adult teeth that are all the way in, in the bottom front. The dentist said he isn't worried about it because the baby teeth will eventually fall out, and the adult teeth will move forward.