Dogs, Toddlers & Noodles

We've had the most amazing spring days lately! Today is windy with some humidity and the gray cloudiness that precludes rain. Allan has been a mad-man in the yard and I'm once again amazed at what can be accomplished when work doesn't eat up so much of one's time. Who knows how long it will last, but for now the yard and gardens look great and projects are getting done again. He has been working on a tear-drop camper, built me my potato box, has raked and mowed the whole yard, (a pretty big task with all these trees) finished the ladder for the treehouse, weeded my iris beds, (oh wow, did they need it!) done a boatload of laundry and dishes, installed the speakers in his truck. I'm going to stop there because he already outshines me, but suffice it to say the man is amazing. Sometimes his energy irritates me (because I'd rather just sit and chill half the day) but I am grateful to have such a talented and hard-working man.

And onto the title of this post...first of all...TODDLER!? How unfair is that??? He is supposed to be my BABY! He's in 24 mo clothes and I wouldn't doubt if we were in 3t before summer...but I digress.
So I've been in the laughing mood. Which is good, given the season. One of the main reasons we got a dog was to clean up after our children. Yes, I'm serious. He comes in very rarely except to sweep the floor and get a few chases around the downstairs by Corbin. Truthfully, I dislike the dog, (truthfully...I hate ALL dogs) but he is Corbin's best bud in the world, and for that reason, he must stay. So why not have fun with him, since he's gonna be hanging around? Today I let Johnny in, gave Corbin noodles and laughed for a solid 15 minutes.
I swear he was trying to slurp them up!!

They were a mess, and yes, I staged them! LOL

Corbin does this anytime Johnny is in the house and he's in his chair. It doesn't matter how delicious his meal is or how little he's willing to give up to his sisters or me, he will share it all with the dog just to get a laugh out of it. Just my luck, he's the most awful clean-up dog EVER. He leaves half the food on the ground and just spreads stuff everywhere. But he sure loves noodles! Of all the things, right??

We had a super-moon last weekend. It was amazing, so I decided to give my night options a go. I certainly need a tripod, but WOW!!

I mentioned being spit onto the shore last post. I only mean that I had alluded to feeling as if I were out at sea for the last several months. Just waiting. The last few weeks I've felt as if I've been tossed to shore, but in that Jonah way...you know, he ran away from God's plan for him, was victim of a massive storm and eaten alive by a giant fish and then, 3 days later, spit out on the shore. I feel raw. Can you imagine what the stomach acid of a fish would do to you? It has been so QUIET. The last year and a half of our lives have been pure torture, and while God was always there and we were always well Blessed, it sometimes felt like the ride would never end. Since December, things have been pretty calm and it feels off. It seems like something should be going on, so I kept trying to add more to my plate...online classes, Art of Marriage, etc. etc. None of my plans have gone so well, (doors keep getting shut) and I finally got my fill of it Sunday. I threw a little fit and contemplated some. I thought about how during the last year and a half I kept begging God to let things slow down for a little while so I could just *be* and catch my breath. Now He's Blessed me with this down-time and I've disregarded it, hoping to fill my days so I don't have to think about dead babies or failed tests or the fact that I could probably use a few improvements of my own. So here I sit...wondering which way Ninevah is. Something big is coming, I've been feeling it for years now, I just don't know what, and I don't intend to move until He tells me which way to go. Kick me next week when I come here and say that I've got some other cockemamey plan. I don't need anymore storms or fish!


Amy R said...

Great post Tara! He must really have something Great planned for you all!

Gayle said...

For 43 years I loved dogs. I have three. I woke up one morning and hate dogs. Seriously. Not sure how that happens, but they irritate me to no end. I'm sure it's because of the wet/mud and I'll get over it, but right now I would give them all away! Your dog must have a pen outside?

Mary said...

Have you ever read "Forgotten God" by Francis Chan? Seeing as how we've talked for awhile now about how God seems to be opening more and more people's eyes to the "moreness" of the life He offers and desires of us, this book seems to be speaking to me right in the smack of all these thoughts. Just thought I'd toss that out there!! I've learned a lot and am loving it!