It's *THAT* time of year again!

Ahhh, ALMOST my favorite! Only almost because it can still get cold at a moment's notice, (like I woke up to 62 degrees in the house. That's not my idea of perfect just yet) but SO CLOSE to SPRING!!!

Auntie Trish came last week and we had a blast. Many thanks to Southwest Airlines for being all full-up on Friday, so we got to keep her until Saturday. WOOT!

I put her to work helping in the garden. Gardening is hard work with ittle bittles who feel the need to "help" so it was great to have some grown-up help to actually uncover the beds and put seeds in the ground while I occupied any non-helpers. When we uncovered the asparagus beds we found these guys! Hello there!!!

I did this after she left, but here are 15 lovely strawberry plants! They'll keep their hay/newspaper because I don't want any leftover cold to zap them one night, but also because we have serious slug problems here, (think monster slugs that will carry your children away and eat them) and the hay is supposedly a deterrant. We shall see.
This little romaine is a true miracle. Do you remember the beds before the frosts and snow and the 6 lovely romaine plants I had? Here is the lone survivor and I must say he is looking quite robust these days!

After being cooped up cuz of the cold, we take every opportunity to run outside and soak up some sunshine while it's back. The kids find the swingset to be a "new" plaything every January/February. By June it'll be forgotten and "old" again, but for now it's a great treat!

I'm not sure anything much screams "warm weather" quite like children drinking juice from a foil pouch. (Maybe children eating grilled hotdogs and potato chips)
"Whatcha up to, baby brother?"
Told ya I put her to work. She was pretty impressed with my asparagus. They are some HAPPY asparagus!

And it's cookie time again!!! This makes me swell with pride. We've been jam-packing delivery and funds collection into the last few days. Today and tomorrow will be the bulk of it, but we have 5-7 booth sales coming up in the next few weeks.

There she is: growing up so fast! Next year that vest will be brown. She sold a total of 229 boxes and is hoping to hit at least 300 after her booth sales. I'm secretly hoping for more like 400, but 300 seems reasonable and will get her a special patch, so it'll work.

And finally...who says kids don't like veggies? I thawed a container of pesto GraceAnne and I had made from our fresh basil last fall and he's been wolfing it down like crazy. He'll even eat it straight off the spoon. How's that for enthusiasm? Ha!
Mary asked me a question about Art of Marriage and I'll post some more about that later, but I wanted to share our little corner of sunshine with everyone. Love and miss you all!!


Mandy said...

The kids are getting so big! Beautiful family Tara :)

Gayle said...

Cold is relative to what you are used to I suppose. I had to smile at the thought of your "cold". I'm chilled to the bone right now after being out 4 hours plowing with my 4-wheeler. I think I'd rather like your cold. :) Gardening outside...what fun!

Mary said...

Wow, I can't believe the lettuce made it!! And the strawberries and asparagus look really hardy/healthy too, yay!! You're kids are growing up way too fast, can you do me a favor and stop that? :)