Sweet 2-year-old

So this blog started all because of one sweet little girl who was too stubborn to come at her appointed time. Her story started almost 7 years ago, though. When Allan and I met he had just had his leg amputated and it was still sore. I have always been more of a home-body and apt to chill watching movies or reading books, so it came naturally to me to sit with him and let him rest. Before we found out we were expecting GraceAnne, Allan got sick. I don't remember what he had, or why he was in bed for a couple of days, but I remember getting him flowers, (gladiolas) and a book. The book was the 6th in A Series of Unfortunate Events. I read aloud to him the next several days and from then on he was as hooked as I was. We read each of the rest of the books aloud to each other over the course of my pregnancy and GraceAnne's first year. GraceAnne had been named since I was 18 and my grandmother died, but we knew we'd have more children someday. We decided if we ever had another daughter that her name would be Violet, after one of the main characters in the series. The character is smart, resourceful and beautiful. She's resilient and strong. A better name couldn't have been picked for our sweet girl.

When GraceAnne was 3 we decided to begin trying for our 2nd child together. We were successful pretty quickly and found out around 18 weeks that we were expecting another baby girl. We just knew she was our Violet and we called her that from that day forward. She was due to come April 25th, (her daddy's birthday!), but she decided she needed her own day and her own month, so she waited until May 1st.

Violet has been--from the start--smart, resourceful and beautiful. She brings a joy to this household we never dreamed it could hold. She can scale a wall of cabinets in no-time-flat and do so silently. If she gets caught she can smile to melt your heart and make you wonder how you could punish such a sweet thing.

Her little life has been full of change and she is so very resilient and strong. From a construction zone of a house to the guest house for 5 months to a new home to a new baby brother, she has adapted and accepted changes with grace. She has never been picky about where she lays her head, so long as she has her daddy near and she's never been particular about who else is taking up the spotlight, so long as dad has a hug and a kiss for her at the end of it.

Violet, my sweet girl, thank you so much for being Violet. In all you do you reveal God's love to me and for all the days I've lost my patience, all the days I've wished I could just get away for a few minutes, all the days you've made me earn every minute of sleep I get that night, they've gone by entirely too quickly. I can't believe you are 2 already! I can't believe how grown-up and smart you are. I can't believe how incredibly Blessed your daddy, your sisters, your brother and I are to have you in our lives. You inspire me with your zest for life and your unending joy. Please never stop being you. You are precious!

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mamamilkers said...

What a sweet post! Happy belated birthday Miss Violet.

I loved reading about naming the girls. So sweet.