A full house makes for full hearts

We have no shortage of Blessing around here! In the last few weeks we've had SOME of our favorite people here...
Auntie Trish got to check out her nephew for the first time and decided he IS as cute as we sAsay he is! :)
Then Rhiya came and filled the missing part of our hearts.

I love celebrating holidays with our whole BEAUTIFUL family!!

But we colored eggs while the two little ones were sleeping. It's just more enjoyable that way.

Even though he's getting so big and would probably make a good helper. haha!

Violet discovered her love for gardening while Aunt Trish was here.

Behind Trish you can see some of our Square Foot Garden. The one with no grid is full of potatoes-gone-wild and asparagus roots that just don't seem to want to sprout. The one further back is full of sugar-snap peas, radishes and different lettuces. We also have a box with carrots, tomatoes, strawberries and jalapenos. We've got a corn "field" in buckets and I still have to plant my green beans, summer squash, basil and rosemary. Very exciting stuff!

All Daddy's loves. It was a great visit!

This picture just makes me laugh. "Can I text my buddies on your iPhone, Auntie Trish?"

Then Trish left and we picked up my mom on the same day.
For my birthday (OH MY, I'm 28 now!) my mom got me some jumbo muffin pans and we decided to give the colorburst cupcakes another go. They were even better this time since there was room for more of each color in the cups. We thought they were goners because when Rhiya was setting the timer on the oven she accidentally turned the thing off, so they cooled down to 200 degrees before we figured out that it was off. Turns out it makes a really neat effect!
My wonderful family took me to Logan's for steak that night.

Mom and I took the kids to the zoo on Thursday, (yes, I kept GraceAnne out of school. she was driven to distraction all week anyway!) and is it any shock that she picked the white horse AGAIN? haha!
Violet actually stayed on hers for the WHOLE ride this time. She usually starts screaming pretty quick, so we're making progress.

Rhiya was drawn to the eagle. While the girls and I rode the carousel, Mom walked around holding Corbin. He loves his gramma :)

And so does Violet.

And there's never been any doubt that GraceAnne does! "CHEESE!"

Mom and her Texas grandbabies...Rhiya age 13.5, GraceAnne age 5.5, Violet age 23 months, Corbin age 3.5 months.
GraceAnne on the Nile Crocodile
Rhiya and Violet. Aren't those some sweet babies!?
And sweet, not-so-tiny Corbin got a new carseat in the midst of all this excitement. For the past couple weeks he's screamed when we put him in his infant carrier because it squishes his little nether region. We finally decided to stop torturing him and got a seat that will fit him up to 50lbs and 50". Given that he's 17.5lbs right now we're hoping that will last him until his 2nd birthday. Totally kidding, but neither of the girls were this big until past 6 months. He's a big boy!
We took mom to the airport Friday and we'll take Rhiya back in a couple hours. Then, after a couple days of silence we might decide to have another baby. Just kidding. Hope ya'll had a great week too! Love and miss you!

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Gayle said...

What a wonderful week of family! Such beautiful photos of everyone.