February Flurries

This is probably the most blog-worthy event this year!

It looks good snowy, doesn't it?

Allan wins the artsy fartsy picture of the day award...

I normally really dislike this tree but it looked PERFECT with all the snow!


She just HAD to taste it...how do kids instinctively know snow is tasty?

I waited all day for GraceAnne to get home because I knew she'd just LOVE the snow. We called the neighbor over to sit with Corbin so I could go make a snowman with the girls. I only got about 10 minutes, (he was screaming the whole time and I felt bad), but it was a wonderful 10 minutes. That's about all the time I feel inclined to play in the snow anyway, so it worked out.

Here's our snowman's head.

Tasting it AGAIN. Haha!

She's overjoyed that the snow works like blocks. Tasty AND functional...doesn't get much better than that!

Of course we had to have a hot bath and hot cocoa when we came back in.
I had to get a picture with Corbin out in the snow...looking at this picture I guess he wasn't too keen on it, but he wasn't crying while we were out there.
I had to put this shot up here...I played with the color to emphasize the green in her eyes. AMAZING! By the way...she got those eyes from MY SIDE of the family! WOOT!
Allan took them out to play some more this evening. He lasted a lot longer than I did!

She loved being in the sled. We bought that for GraceAnne when she was a baby and we lived in WA. We took it up to Mt Rainier to play. How exciting that Violet gets to use it, too!

Hope you enjoyed walking through our winter wonderland!

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Gayle said...

How fun to play in a warm snow land! :) Great photos. You look good, girl! Take care.