Skool Daze, Early Holidays & Trip Planning

The last few weeks have been full of planning, which is kinda nice considering we haven't been able to plan a darned thing in months.  School is going well, since we decided to utilize a laid-back approach.  I find myself wondering if we could possibly be done, going down my list to realize that yes, we did finish school in just a couple hours.  The kids absolutely adore their Bob-Jones math curricula and Violet even asks to do extra pages.  Violet is in a learning-spurt, which has been amazing to watch.  Her brain is making so many connections right now, which is the most rewarding part of homeschooling for me-watching them light up with learning. 
Part of her learning this fall will be swim lessons.  She was very apprehensive at first, but now she ADORES her swimming lessons.  She is disappointed there are only "5 Wednesdays left."

We make learning fun by using manipulatives and favorite characters to help.  haha (Spongebob, Patrick & the pineapple)

I have been a hair distracted, though, with trying to plan and doing things without an internet connection on a computer.  I finally sucked it up and switched our phone plan so that we can use a wireless hotspot.  Hopefully this means I can get my research and work done in smaller amounts of time during the day so I can focus more on having fun with the kids. 
Best backyard we've ever had.  I miss a garden, but it works.

This day Daddy gave kayak rides and we saw 4 watersnakes, curious about Corbin
As far as the planning goes, we are celebrating our holidays early this year so that we can include Allan.  I thought it would be a drag when I first considered it, but it's actually turning out to be really fun!  We will do our Thanksgiving in 2 weeks and our Christmas in a month.  It helps that it has been colder here in Northern New York, so it almost feels like winter (or at least the version we are used to from being in Texas)  It also helps to live in a country that puts out holiday items so early.  I know we won't have any trouble getting the things we want for our celebrations.  
Hot Cocoa on the porch because it's cold enough to do that!
Don't tell the kids, but we have a *really* big surprise for them...Can you guess? This will be their Christmas present (trip to be taken in December)

Sometimes I can feel myself getting nervous about the time away and I just start planning for our trip and then I feel infinitely better.  The kids are going to have an absolute blast, but I know I will too.

Sooner than that, though, we are scheduled to go to a blogging summit in Pennsylvania (I hope they can teach me a thing or two and maybe hook me up with a great web designer!) and Cape Cod for October.  I kinda bottle-necked us and we may not be able to make all this work.  Have you ever over-planned?  The hard part of it is that the kids adore traveling and really want to go everywhere we've mentioned.  I feel torn because on the one hand, I could keep my mouth shut about upcoming trips to avoid disappointment, but on the other hand I have a theory (proven to work with our kids) that if I share with them what to expect and when, they feel better about this crazy lifestyle we are living right now.  Actually, I feel better about it, too, when we plan interesting trips.

If you were considering an early holiday celebration, how would you go about it?  Where have you always wanted to visit?  Where have you always dreamed of taking your kids?   Any tips on Disney World with kids from veterans out there? 

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Mary said...

Now that you have a hotspot; check out Pinterest for DW tips. I see TONS of pins and whole BOARDS about trips to Walt Disney World and tips and tricks of planning, etc. :)
You guys really do have a blessed life, craziness aside. lol Or maybe the hard spots make the sun shine brighter? Either way, i envy your backyard and cocoa on the porch!!