Life is Funny

My how things have changed in one week's time...last week Allan's boss was talking to him about the possibility of a 2-year contract and this week Allan's home with us because he lost his job.  Happy 40th birthday, babe!  But really, we know God is bigger than a job loss, and He has an amazing plan for our family. 

For now we are in shut-down mode at the same time as fundraising mode.  Crazy!  We're scaling back all our personal spending and more than ever we know that God will have to provide for the pursuits He's laid on our hearts.

First, He called Allan to Ghana.  I should have started his fundraising campaign in January, but with no internet access at home other than my phone, it's been difficult.  Here is a link to his story/page.  All donations are completely tax deductable, as the organization he's going with is a 501(c)3.  He needs to raise about 8500 by the end of July.  I'm hoping to organize a big pancake feed and maybe do a couple of other things here and there. 

Second, He called us to start this adoption process.  This weekend is our first big fundraiser for that, our garage sale.  We'll have great publicity, as it's our street's annual garage sale. Tons of homes in the historic district we live in have sales and there are tons of people who come.  We're hoping to raise enough to pay for our home study this weekend.

We appreciate all your prayers and thoughts as we embark on this adventure.  Allan will be putting in resumes all over the country, so if you know of a great prosthetist who would like to have a self-starting, highly motivated, intelligent board-eligible prosthetist who brings so much experience and know-how to the table, pass on the info! 

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