I'm at church bumming some wi-fi and thought I'd drop in a minute.  Things are continually changing in the Doyle household and the latest change has been that we've cut off the internet.  I have access on my phone, but can't really post anything from there.

But oh, I miss this blog!  I form posts in my head all the time, and now I've got so many that I don't know what to write.  HA!!

I have to say, though, since it's been off...I really don't know how on earth I got ANYTHING done before.  I'm busy as ever and can't seem to carve out an hour a week to go to Starbucks for wi-fi and blog time.  The house and gardens are well cared for, though! 

I do promise to get back ASAP, though. There are so many things coming up in February, I'm going to list.  Please pray about them and for us as we get ever busier:

NEW Childbirth & Beyond class starting Weds Feb 1!
Garden Club and Vegetable Classes
NEW Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class starting Sunday, Feb 19th
Fatherheart prospective adoptive parents orientation (Date TBA)
Empowered to Connect conference for foster/adoptive parents Feb 17 & 18

Thank you all so much for being good friends, family, readers...I miss you all!!

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