State Fair of Texas

We actually went to the fair 2 weeks ago, but Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day made all regularly scheduled posting take a back seat.  This is the 2nd time we've gone to the state fair since we've lived here and it was a lot of fun.  The kids got free tickets for being in "private school."  (The state of TX recognizes homeschool as private school) We decided to go on a Wednesday because if you donate 3 canned goods to the North Texas Food Bank (GREAT organization!  Check them out) you get in for $2 instead of $16.  Plus, the fair is not nearly as crowded during the day on a weekday.  Just another homeschooling perk!

A friend came with us and I'm so grateful.  Not only was it more fun with a buddy, it helps SO MUCH to have a 3rd pair of hands with this trio.  Plus, when Allan's leg was tired and the kids wanted to do something he wasn't overly interested in, she helped me and had just as much fun as I did.  I have to say-that in itself will probably bond her to me forever, but it helps that she's a pretty amazing person, too :P ;)

Without further adieu, here is the beloved photo dump:

 They are a bunch of animals!
 Uhm, I don't believe there ever was a more gorgeous little man in an apron!

 Prettiest girls to ever ride a tractor ;)
 For real, we spent the most time at this exhibit both times we went to the fair.  So cool, the kids get to be "farmers" and feed the animals, collect the items the animals produce and then sell the products for money to spend at the market.  They had a blast!
 These signs made me laugh.  What about Toyota, Tundra or Tacoma makes anyone think of Texas??  But it was born and built here :P
Mandatory to ride the Skyway.  We always use Allan's leg as an excuse...we couldn't possibly walk ALL THE WAY across the fairground AGAIN!  haha.  Everyone loves it and no one knows I'm secretly playing out how the cable breaks and sends us all screaming to the ground where the cage splats or bounces or or or...yeah.  I have issues with heights...but it was fun...

You MUST click on that picture and zoom as close to her face as you can get.  I can't even believe I made that shot, I bought the one from the booth just in case, but here it is.  OMG.  PRICELESS!!  The best part was that when I was pregnant with her, I was working for Dominos driving pizzas and saw that a little carnival was in town, so when I got home that night, I took my tips and dragged Allan down there.  We got in the gate about 20 minutes before it closed and got on the Crazy Mouse.  Now she's all growed up and riding it with her daddy!  (Uhhh, glad to know it didn't jack up her brain too much...)  She wanted to ride it again so bad she paid for her AND his tickets to get on the 2nd time.
She begged and begged to go on that carousel after I insisted she was not tall enough to ride the Crazy Mouse.  So we went and wow, was it worth every ticket!  She was so happy with that horse (who was named Orion) and the whole carousel.  She had a smile a mile wide every second and she clung to me for several minutes after we got off and gave me kisses and told me  how much she loved me over and over again.  Violet is a very loving child, but that was pretty intense, even for her.  Moments like that make the crowds, expense and exhuastion so worth it.  We walked away from the fair knowing that it was a day that will be etched into our children's memories.  This fair experience will cause them to go out and brave the crowds and expense and heat for their own kids.  I could not ask for more. 

There were so many more pictures and memories, but blogger takes forever to upload, so I'm done with it for now.  Hope you enjoyed!  Hope your October is fabulous, too :)

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