The GOOD Lord takes us STRANGE places.

I'm just going to be cryptic and say that this life is not the one I thought it would be, but in every way it looks better than I imagined it, so I'm going to trust it will continue to be that way.  I know that He has great plans for me and my family.  Here are some pictures of our exciting week.
My big girl started her Jazz and Gymnastics classes.  She loves them.  They are both high-energy and perfect for her. 
 I've said it before, but if I said it every post it would not be enough, my man is a genius with wood and a couple of tools.  Here is our chicken ark.  It will be finished soon and good thing, because though the chicks were supposed to hatch on the 28th, we got a call saying they'd be hatched and ready to ship TOMORROW.  So by the end of this week we'll be ankle deep in pine shavings and peeps :)
 Their little ramp and our acces to eggs.
Nest "box" and roost.  These are going to be the most spoiled chickens!  We like to do it right :)  They won't live in the ark, just sleep in it.  During the day they'll be allowed to roam the "chicken yard" which is the same portion of the yard the ducks had.
 And let it cool down for a week (we're in the 80's-90's instead of 105+ now) and look at all the surprises our garden pulls out!  A baby watermelon with the look of a few more on the way.
 Many, MANY pumpkin flowers.
 A crappy picture, but a baby pumpkin!!
 SO many new peppers on the Jalapeno plant.
And new sprouts.  This particular sprout is a Brussels Sprout.  I love all this life!
My sweet homeschooled kids at "recess."  Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to set the little turds free after I've tortured them with endless books, worksheets and lectures.  Kidding, but kinda not. :P

The Childbirth & Beyond class is going VERY well and I ask that you keep the "students" in your prayers.  There is lots of prayer needed in that area. 

And finally...the newest development:
But that's a post for another time.  Love and miss you all!

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Charity said...

I am so glad you keep this updated. I am missing calling you up to see if we can come over for a play date. Luke is driving me crazy!!! He seriously needs a few friends to help keep him busy for a while. Luke would love the little peeps that you are getting and so would I for that matter. I miss Ennis! San Antonio is so big! Love and miss ya!