Rhiya is so lucky with Corbin! This time she's gotten to see him at all his cool moments...He was a newborn when she came in December, he was eating his first foods when she visited in April and now he's crawling!

On July 7th he started army crawling. Rhiya feels it's important to point out that he's wearing his "army pants" while army crawling. hehe
This was the start of my 3 sisters garden...corn, beans and squash less than a month ago.

Here it is today. The corn is tasseling out and I just know there will be fruit on it soon! YAY!

Everyone has helped work on this treehouse.

She and Allan have been working on the treehouse when they have time. It's looking great!

TOO FREAKIN' CUTE!!! Those shorts are 12-18mo. I can't even believe how big he is!

He loves to grab that broom and sweep while he's in his walker. I'd venture to guess he's going to be a tidy man like his daddy. Look out, ladies!

We went to the lake 2 days last week. All the kids loved it! Except Violet who randomly screams in terror at the water and can't decide if she wants to be in your arms in the deep or 10-15 feet away from the water on the beach.

He LOVED the lake!

Violet will try anything if Rhiya asks her to. Everytime Rhiya goes to the guest house Violet stands at the window and says, "I pyay Yi-yah? Yi-yah go buh-bye?" She's as attached to Rhiya as GraceAnne was at her age, but it's going to be a HARD goodbye this year...(it always is) because when GraceAnne was her age and we were moving to TX, she was used to saying bye to Rhiya. She had to do it every week. This time, poor Vi has no idea what's coming and she's going to be devastated. The hardest part of having a step-child is feeling such a hole in your family when they leave. We went to the airport with 4 and drive home with 3. It's just wrong. But we're grateful for the time we do have with her and we try to make the most of it.

I love my snuggly, chunky baby boy!

We went to "Cow Appreciation" night at Chick-fil-A and got free meals for dressing like cows. Even Corbin got a bowl of soup!

Aren't they cute calves?

Rhiya painted most of the spots herself. She's very talented.

We got to attend breakfast at the new Giants of the Savannah exhibit at the zoo. They had an awesome breakfast buffet set up so we could all eat.

She's growing up so fast and is so beautiful!

Corbin was pleased with the selection of fresh fruit available.

And we got to feed the giraffes their breakfast, too!
They used to have the giraffes and elephants in tiny little 40x40 ft cages with nothing for them to do. Now they have 11 acres for them to roam. It's beautiful and it makes me so happy. I just know those giraffes and elephants must think they've hit the jackpot!
We finished the day off with a trip to The Magic Time Machine. I got a coupon and have been planning this meal for over a month. It was AMAZING. Our waitress was Alice from Alice in Wonderland and she and a cowboy sang to us when they brought our food out. We got to get our salads and soups from "the salad car"
and the kids got to drink magic potions, complete with bubbles and steam. It was orange juice and I think they put an alka seltzer in the bottom. It kept on bubbling and steaming even after it came out. The choices were green, yellow, red and ugly. HAHA!

We've had a great visit with Rhiya, so far. We have lots more planned for the rest of the time she's here but for the moment she's at church camp. The time is going WAY.TOO.FAST as always!

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Gayle said...

Oh, I can't wait to see your photos!! Don't forget. Glad you are having an awesome visit.