A busy few weeks!

Allan put in a new pond for the duckies, but winter struck once again...
It looks like spring is here for us north Texans, however. And we're mighty grateful for it!
We sold, collected money for and delivered 200 boxes of Girlscout cookies, PLUS GraceAnne has done 4 booth sales. This is what 200 boxes of cookies looks like in your van. VERY exciting stuff!
Shhh...don't reveal his secret identity, but Batman has been keeping himself busy protecting our neighborhood.
And little brother still keeps us all busy just being cute.
Really, is there anyone more Irish than a Doyle? Well...the name anyway. These kids are mostly Swede.
Some more of that magnificent spring popping up. WE LOVE IT!
Allan's replacing my kitchen flooring which was so lovely like this:
And another layer...
Remember that "reorganizing I was telling you about? There was a hole in the linoleum on top and when we pulled it up we found these little bunny grahams. And I thought she ate them...
Yes...he is a sweet child of mine! Officially the 3rd Doyle child to wear this shirt given by Gramma Deb. We were getting dressed up for date night. Corbin, Allan and I went to see Alice in Wonderland 3d. It was AMAZING!!!
Are we fit for Tim Burton or what?
Sorry to be out of touch for so long and then have so little to say, but it never slows down around here. We're all going to be on our toes for the next month again, so I'll keep on picture dumping like this and hopefully by the end of April I'll be able to post things that are interesting to read, again. Love and miss you all!!

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