Some New Things

We celebrated Allan's 37th birthday on Saturday. He got a big cookie, a mug with writing on it from us and a new Wii game. He also got to go shooting with his teacher and classmate, I'm sure that was the highlight of his day. Then we all went for a miniature train ride in Ft. Worth.
While the guys were shooting, we went to the Stockyards and explored the shops. Here are my little cowgirls.
Here is a really bad picture of some of the ducks swimming in our currently flooded yard. They are in the "ugly teenager" phase and just starting to feather out. They'll be prettier in a couple weeks.
And here is our single, HEALTHY 6 week and 6 day old baby. He/she is due December 15th and has a heart rate of 140 bpm. It was very exciting to get to see the heart and to HEAR it beating. Man technology has come a long way, even just since having GraceAnne. That looks like an exceptionally large gestational sac to me, so I thought for sure there were two, but no such luck. Oh well...God has a plan for this family and farbeit for me to impose on the plan! He is a faithful God, so I will trust in Him to carry me the next 9 months while I carry this tiny vampire.


Gayle said...

How exciting! My favorite part of having kids is being pregnant! Well, not really, but I do love to be pregnant. I'll miss that. Congratulations...enjoy every minute of it.

Mary said...

Man, I was wishing there were two of them for you!! You're right though, God does know best! Isn't it crazy that God knows the end from the beginning?! This little heartbeat will one day grow up and will accomplish amazing things for God along the way! And you get to be a part of that crazy story in a way no one else could be: Mom. you're a great mom btw, and no wonder you beat me at the pregnancy quiz! I don't know how Chaz and Hannah ever made it to birth...jk

I think your ducks must be Junior Highers..you know, the worst awkward stage in the world!!! lol

Miss you guys lots. I know may and june are coming fast, so i (daniel and I) need to figure out what the schedule looks like!!! Can't wait to see you guys again!

ps-I'm betting on a boy!

Anonymous said...

Aww look at that little spud! The girls look great and I hope Allan had a great birthday. Give the girls my love.